How am I ranked in the Ladders?

Within the Round Ladder you will be ranked by:

  1. Your Tipping Score for the Round
  2. Your Margin Score for the Round
  3. The time you submitted your tips for that Round

Within the Overall Ladder you will be ranked by:

  1. Your accumulated Tipping Score for the competition
  2. Your accumulated Margin Score for the competition
  3. The time you registered for the competition

How can I view my friends’ progress?

You will need to know your friend’s Alias before searching for them. Simply enter their Alias into the Search bar at the top of the Ladders section to locate them. Once found simply click on the icon next to their Alias to send a request. Once your friend accepts your request, you will be able to view their progress by toggling the ‘My Friends’ option within the Ladder controls.

You can view the requests you have sent, as well as any incoming add requests from your friends by clicking on the My Friends menu within the Tipping Navigation.