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RadioTAB Digital

RadioTAB is on Digital Radio in the Brisbane area.


Scan your digital radio and look for our 2 stations, the main station is called RadioTAB the second is called TAB+


  • RadioTAB carries exactly the same programme as our normal AM/FM stations.
  • TAB+ simulcasts RadioTAB but from time to time breaks into specialty programs. For example, on Friday evening at 6pm you can hear 'Harness Lateline'. And at 6pm Sunday nights 'Youth For Christ' a 60 minute contemporary Christian program.


On digital radios with the full LCD screen, (similar to iPods) you will see the current tote screens as you would in your local TAB agency. The iRiver B30 model available from JB HiFi is such a model. With all other digital radios, i.e. those that just have the ticker screen, you get the latest odds and payouts and how long till next race advice.


Note: Currently Digital Broadcasting is available in all mainland capital cities, however in Adelaide you will NOT be able to find us due to licence conditions set by the Federal Government and managed by ACMA


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RadioTAB Digital


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