Win and Place

The Win/Place is the simplest and most popular bet type. You select a runner or runners to win and/or be placed first, second or third.

Win bet is available on every race, and a Place bet is available subject to the number of starters in a race:

  • Where there are 8 or more starters (or at least 7 if the field has been reduced by a Late Scratching) then 3 place dividends are paid.
  • If there are 5, 6, or 7 starters (or 4 starters if the field has been reduced by a Late Scratching), then there will be No Third Dividend (NTD).
  • If there are 4 or less starters in a race, then there is No Place Pool (NPP) and any Place investments will be refunded.

The minimum bet for Win or Place is $1.

A Win and Place bet on a runner is also known as an 'each way' bet.


If your selection is declared a non-runner or is scratched after you have placed your bet, your money will be refunded on that selection unless the market was 'All-In' at the time of bet placement.