Moneybags Messi

Lionel Messi $30 Million Salary

He’s the most valuable player in world football, not just on the pitch, but off it as well. Argentinian striker Lionel Messi put pen to paper last month with Spanish giants Barcelona in a deal that has crowned him as the highest paid footballer in the world. The 26-year-old is set to earn around $30 million a year, a jaw-dropping figure that has us thinking what he could afford down under?  

Everyone loves a bit of Vegemite, right? I wonder if Barca’s number 10 is a happy little Vegemite himself. On his salary, Messi could afford a decent amount to spread on his toast for breaky in the morning. Over four tonnes of the spread every morning to be exact.

Photo of Vegemite Jars

After a bit of Vegemite on toast, what would be the best beverage to wash it down with? Messi's Dietician may not agree, but how about a bit of XXXX? It's good, it's cheap, and if you're Lionel Messi, you can afford over 650,000 slabs of the liquid gold every year. Drinks on you, Leo!

XXXX Beer Carton


With house prices in Australia seemingly forever on the rise, most Australians spend their whole working life trying to pay off their mortgage. Not Messi though. If you find it hard to get along with your neighbours, no need not to fear Leo, you can afford to buy an average Australian home every week – with a bit of change left over of course.

Generic Photo of Houses

Now Messi is one of the biggest names in football, he can’t just live in an average Australian house, right? Maybe he would want to do some renovations just to make things a little bit different? Well, if Leo was savvy with his money and saved for three and a half years, he could afford his very own Opera House.

Photo of the Sydney Opera House

The Argentinian can run 100 metres in around eleven seconds, so we know he likes to go quick. If he likes fast flashy cars, well then he’s in for a real treat. Lamborghini released the Veneno Roadster earlier this year, but not even the most expensive car in the world will break the bank for Messi. At $4.5 million dollars, it will be nothing more than a fantasy for us, but when you’re on Messi’s wage, you could afford one every six weeks – just in case you get bored of the colour.

 Photo of a Veneno Roadster Lamborghini

With that sort of salary, you would think Messi will notch a pretty decent amount of goals at this year’s World Cup. If you fancy him to be the top goal scorer in Brazil, or if you think someone will deny him of the honour, click here to visit the top goalscorer market.