Murrumba Downs in the 'Winners Circle'!

Tuesday 12 November, 2013 - Not one but two Murrumba Downs residents are now $5,000 richer after winning in separate Golden Casket Winners Circle card Bonus Draws. 

One of the excited winners said he often sees the Winners Circle Bonus Draws on television but wasn’t watching on the night his Winners Circle card number was drawn. 

“When I catch the draws on television, I always wish everyone good luck but never thought it could be me!” the excited winner exclaimed. 

“It was such a nice surprise when I found out I’d won $5,000. I plan to use the windfall to pay for a holiday.” 

Meanwhile, the other ecstatic winner from Murrumba Downs is planning to use her $5,000 bonus to pay for Christmas! 

“It’s fantastic! This win will mean the credit card will get used less this month,” she told a Golden Casket official. 

“I always register my Gold Lotto tickets to my Winners Circle card so I can get a phone call if I win first division but I wasn’t expecting this surprise!” 

Every week, four Winners Circle card members each receive $5,000 simply for purchasing Golden Casket products using their card. 

All registered Golden Casket players automatically receive one entry into the weekly bonus draw for every dollar they spend using their Winners Circle card. 

 Golden Casket’s Public Relations Manager Elissa Lewis says that the Bonus Draws are not the only benefits that Winners Circle membership provides to players. 

“Not only do customers have the opportunity to win $5,000 each week just for purchasing lotto products and registering their tickets to their Winners Circle card, but they also have the peace of mind that they’ll never miss out on their winnings,” Ms Lewis said. 

“Another important benefit is that if your numbers do come up we can contact you directly the next business day with the life changing news of a first division win!”