Monday Gold Lotto is here! What’s your Monday dream?

Sunday 20 October, 2013 - For most people Monday is not their favourite day of the week but that could soon change with Golden Casket introducing Monday Gold Lotto! 

From October 21, Golden Casket customers will be able to play Gold Lotto on Mondays and have the chance to start the working week as a millionaire. 

Golden Casket Public Relations Manager Elissa Lewis said the introduction of a new day to play means Gold Lotto will be offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday; which means there are now even more days to dream. 

“Monday Gold Lotto will offer a guaranteed $1 million division one prize for up to four winners so imagine becoming a Monday millionaire!” Ms Lewis said.

“Along with the addition of a new day to play, Division 6 will also be offered across both Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto. 

“The extra division will mean more prizes, more winners and more reasons for Golden Casket customers to play Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto.” 

To win Division 6 in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto, Golden Casket players will need to match one or two winning numbers with two supplementary numbers in one game. 

“For anyone who has had a Monday daydream about escaping to a tropical island or escaping to Europe now has the chance to realise their Monday dream with the launch of Monday Gold Lotto,” Ms Lewis added. 

What’s your Monday dream? Monday Gold Lotto starts on Monday 21 October, with Golden Casket customers able to purchase entries into the draws from Thursday 17 October. 

So for your chance to be a Monday millionaire grab a Monday Gold Lotto entry at your local Golden Casket outlet or online. 

Golden Casket always recommends players register their lotto entries to a Golden Casket Winners Circle Card as it not only secures their prize, but also ensures they can be contacted directly with news of a division one win.