$2 million surprise in store for mystery Malvern TattsLotto winner

Monday 16 July, 2012 - A big surprise is in store for the mystery owner of an unregistered Saturday TattsLotto ticket, when they find out that they have won a $2,126,779.92 division one prize.

As the ticket is not registered to a Tatts Card holder, Tatts officials have no way of contacting the lucky winner.

Tatts PR Manager, Elissa Lewis said that the winner may have started their week completely unaware that they became a multi-millionaire over the weekend.

“As the winner has not yet contacted Tatts, it is highly likely that they have started their working week completely unaware that they became a multi-millionaire over the weekend,” Ms Lewis.

“If you recently purchased a TattsLotto ticket from Malvern Lotto, we encourage you to check your tickets as soon as possible. The sooner the winner comes forward to claim their prize, the sooner they can enjoy living like a TattsLotto winner,” Ms Lewis added.

The winning entry was purchased from Malvern Lotto, 167 Glenferrie Road, Malvern.

Wayne Gleich, proprietor of Malvern Lotto is looking forward to telling one of his customers that they have won a $2,126,779.92 share in TattsLotto’s division one prize pool.

“We are really looking forward to the winner coming in and finding out about their good fortune. It will be wonderful to share in their happiness and joy,” Mr Gleich said.

Two winners shared TattsLotto’s $4 million division one prize pool, along with the winning ticket sold in Malvern, a winning ticket was also sold in Western Australia.

The winning numbers in Saturday TattsLotto draw 3233 were 17, 41, 36, 42, 45 and 30 with the supplementary numbers 20 and 35.