Clean living Grandmother wins a slice of the lotto pie!

Friday 22 June, 2012 - A Grandmother was bowled over when she received a phone call from Golden Casket yesterday telling her she’d won $100,000 with an entry into the $2 Casket draw!

The winner in her 70s said she was glad she stayed on the line to hear about the surprise windfall.

“Bless you darlin’!” she exclaimed in shock.

“When I answered and you said I’d won a prize I nearly hung up on you because I thought it was one of those scams!

“Cor blimey! I’ve been buying tickets in the $2 Casket draw for years and always said I’d win one day.

“Just yesterday I was looking out over the water and said to my husband, ‘I wish I could win some money in the lottery, I’d love to do some work on the house’.”

While the winner was stunned to hear the news, it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

“You know, a clairvoyant said I’d win big money a month ago, and I did!” she said.

The winner’s husband then chimed in with his thoughts on that prediction.

“Love, she told you that last year, too. And the year before that!” he added.

The Grandmother has yet to decide exactly how she’ll spend the $100,000 prize, but says she’ll continue to play $2 Casket.

“I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and going down to the shop and buying that ticket, that’s my little enjoyment.”

The winning ticket was purchased from Twin Towns Casket Agency on Griffith Street in Coolangatta.

The winner said she plans on personally thanking the man who sold her the winning ticket.

“I wonder if he likes lemon meringue pie? Our lemon tree is ripe and I’ll have my husband bake one for him!”