Cannon Hill ticket wins $25 million in Powerball!

Monday 21 May, 2012 - A Queensland family is gobsmacked after discovering they’d taken out the entire division one prize pool of $25 million in Thursday’s Powerball draw 835.

The ticket-purchasing Grandfather checked the winning numbers online over the weekend and said his wife thought he was seeing things when he told her that all their numbers had come up.

“My wife was away at the time and I called her immediately to say we’d won Powerball, but she thought I was hallucinating,” said the winning Grandfather.“She asked me to go on Skype so I could show her the winning ticket and she checked the numbers herself. There was a lot of yelling on the other end of the phone line after that.

“We’ve been playing the same numbers for 28 years, and the most we’d won before was $24, so we’re pretty happy with the prize!”

The winning ticket was purchased from Nextra Cannon Hill in Kmart Plaza on Wynnum Road.

The family said they were still coming to terms with the magnitude of their win, but have a few ideas in mind for how to spend it.

“First of all we’ll pay off our children’s mortgages. It seems like small change now, but it will be such a relief for them. Then we’ll look into some long-term investment strategies and take a nice holiday,” the winning family said

“This money will also allow us to support local charities, which we’re looking forward to.”

The winners said that although $25 million is certainly life-changing, some things will stay the same.

“We’ve always lived quite frugally; we travel in economy and buy the specials at the supermarket, and I don’t think that will change. It’s something that’s been ingrained in us since we were kids.

“Our children don’t want their kids’ lives to change too much either, we’ve always valued hard work.”

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 835 on Thursday, 17 May were 35, 44, 29, 42 and 14. The
Powerball was 11. There were also 27 division two winners who took home $78,689.10 each.