Check your Gold Lotto tickets – you could be a millionaire!

Thursday 26 April, 2012 - A lucky Gold Lotto player who purchased their ticket in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Windsor won $1,369,698.34 in the Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3209 on 21 April, but they’re still none the wiser.

Golden Casket Public Relations Executive Zoe Knobel said Golden Casket is still waiting for the winner to come forward and claim their prize.

“It’s possible the winner has been busy working all week with the winning ticket in their wallet or handbag, completely unaware that they are now almost $1.4 million richer,” said Ms Knobel.

“Unfortunately the entry was not registered to a Winners Circle Card, so Golden Casket has no way of making contact with the winner to tell them their life-changing news.

“If you purchased an unregistered entry in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3209 from Homezone Newsagency
in Homezone on Newmarket Road, have your ticket checked at a Golden Casket outlet as soon as

“You could be the mystery missing millionaire we are searching for!”

Homezone Newsagency owner Steve Adams said he was very happy to have sold a division one winning

“I hope the lucky winner is one of our regular customers, it would be great to see one of them have such a life-changing win,” Mr Adams said.

“If you purchased an unregistered entry in Saturday’s draw, come in and see us to have your ticket

The mystery winner was one of three division one winners nationally in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3209, with all three winners hailing from Queensland.

The winning numbers were 1, 15, 16, 21, 28 and 2 with supplementary numbers 35 and 40.

Ms Knobel said this was a timely reminder become a member of Winners Circle ahead of Tuesday’s Oz Lotto jackpot of $50 million.

“If you have your tickets registered to your Winners Circle Card we can contact you the first business day
after the draw to share the good news!”