Penrith woman scores a $10,000 prize at the Instant Scratch-Its Treasure Chest Event!

Tuesday 17 April - This afternoon in Sydney’s Martin Place, five Instant Scratch-Its treasure chests were lined up, each containing a prize of between $10,000 and $200,000. Five promotional winners each had a key to a big prize; all they had to do was open their treasure chest to see what was inside!

Belinda from the Western Sydney suburb of Penrith said that she had a sleepless night thinking about the event that led to her $10,000 win.

“I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep last night. Opening that chest and seeing the $10,000 prize made my day, I am over the moon,” Belinda told a NSW Lotteries official shortly after winning her $10,000 prize.

“It’s just excellent, its $10,000 I didn’t have yesterday and it certainly will be put to very good use. I’m going to put the money towards some house renovations.

“My husband buys me Instant Scratch-Its to scratch while he is watching football or cricket. I always register the non-winning tickets for the second chance draw and a non-winning ticket led to me winning $10,000, it’s excellent,” the winner added.

Belinda’s husband also attended the event to cheer her on and offer support.

“We’re going to go and have a nice lunch to celebrate the win,” Belinda added.

Belinda from Penrith registered her non-winning $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket in the Treasure Chest promotion in February and won her chance to open a treasure chest at today’s event.

Also participating in today’s Instant Scratch-Its Treasure Chest event were Stephen Anthony from Dolls Point who won a $10,000 prize, Karen from Greystanes who won a $30,000 prize, Carla from the Southern Highlands who won $50,000 and Mrs H.L. from Delegate who won the $200,000 top prize.

Audience members at today’s event also had the opportunity to win, with five lucky attendees scoring a $1,000 each.

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