Greystanes woman scores the $30,000 prize at the Instant Scratch-Its Treasure Chest Event!

Tuesday 17 April - This afternoon in Sydney’s Martin Place, five Instant Scratch-Its treasure chests were lined up, each containing a prize of between $10,000 and $200,000. Five promotional winners each had a key to a big prize; all they had to do was open their treasure chest to see what was inside!

Karen from the Sydney suburb of Greystanes said that she felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement when waiting to open her treasure chest.

“I was both nervous and excited at the same time. As soon as I opened the treasure chest and saw the $30,000 I thought ‘I knew it’ I just had a feeling that the $30,000 prize was in my chest,” the winner told a NSW Lotteries official shortly after winning her prize.

“I’m going to save half, I’d like to give some money to help my dad do some renovations and then I’d like to go on a cruise.

“I’m on natural high right now, just imagine it’s $30,000 I didn’t have yesterday,” the delighted winner said.

“I buy Instant Scratch-Its tickets regularly and I always register the non-winning tickets for second chance draws, I told myself I’d win one day and I have,” the winner laughed.

Karen from Greystanes registered her non-winning $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket in the Treasure Chest promotion in February and won her chance to open a treasure chest at today’s event.

Also participating in today’s Instant Scratch-Its Treasure Chest event were Stephen Anthony from Dolls Point who won a $10,000 prize, Belinda from Penrith also won a $10,000 prize, Carla from the Southern Highlands who won $50,000 and Mrs H.L. from Delegate who won the $200,000 top prize.

Audience members at today’s event also had the opportunity to win, with five lucky attendees scoring a $1,000 each.

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