Harrington Park and Parramatta winners score $3 Million each for Easter

Tuesday 10 April - There was more than chocolate eggs in-store this Easter for five lucky winners who shared Powerball’s $15 million jackpot on Thursday; each winner took home a $3 million share of the division one prize pool.

A Harrington Park mother and a mystery Powerball player who purchased their winning ticket in Parramatta were among the winners.

Harrington Park
It is a case of second time lucky for a Harrington Park mum who won $3 million in Thursday’s Powerball draw after missing out on a $1 million prize more than ten years ago.

The mother, in her late-thirties, took advantage of being home alone on Saturday to check her ticket; at the time she was unaware that she was one of Powerball’s $3 million winners.

“I was at home alone when I found out I had won $3 million. I checked the ticket over and over again before I called my husband,” the winner told a NSW Lotteries official.

“I play Powerball every week, about ten years ago I missed one week as I couldn’t get to the newsagent to buy my ticket and my numbers came up. I would have won about $1 million, I was so upset at the time and I swore I would never miss another week. Little did I know what was in store, now I’m $3 million richer!

“I’m so relieved, we can pay off the mortgage, take the kids on a nice holiday, not straight away but sometime soon. I’ve never been in a position to think about spending money on myself, so to tell you the truth I don’t really know what I’ll do,” the winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, added.

Harrington Park’s lucky winner scored a $3 million share in Powerball’s $15 million jackpot with a 30 game entry which cost $24.15.

The winning entry was purchased from Harrington Park Newsagency at Harrington Plaza, Fairwater Drive, Harrington Park.

A mystery Parramatta Powerball player is $3 million better-off following a win in Thursday night’s $15 million Powerball draw, however, the unregistered winner may not be aware of their windfall.

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Una O’Neill said that Powerball players in the Parramatta area should make it their business to check their tickets as soon as possible.

“As the winning ticket is not registered to a Players Club card we have no way of knowing who the winner is,” Ms O’Neill said

“We do know that the winning ticket was sold from Dallas Newsagency at Shop 6, 162 Church Street, Parramatta. So if you recently visited this outlet and purchased a Powerball ticket please check your ticket as soon as possible, you may have won $3 million,” Ms O’Neill added.

Five winners shared Powerball’s $15 million jackpot, along with the NSW winning tickets, one winning ticket was sold each in Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 829 were 39, 20, 37, 36 and 22 with the Powerball 44.