Norman Park man will ‘Live the Life’!

Monday 5 March, 2012 - A long term resident of Norman Park will be able to live the life he’s always dreamed of, after winning the top prize of $5000 every month for ten years on a $3 Live the Life Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The man explained that on the day of his win, his horoscope in the newspaper said that luck was coming his way.

“Every Saturday when I buy the newspaper I treat myself to a couple of Instant Scratch-Its tickets,” he said.

“I’ve always said you have to be in it to win it!

“I normally wait until I get home to scratch my tickets, but on this occasion I decided to scratch them at the newsagency.

“When I scratched the game panel on the $3 Live the Life ticket to reveal three ‘LIVE THE LIFE’ symbols, I took the ticket straight back to the counter to have it verified.

“When I got home, I showed the ticket to my daughter and said – I’ve just won $5000 every year for ten years!

“She said – no Dad, you’ve just won $5000 a MONTH for ten years!”

When asked what he has planned for his windfall, the man said he and his wife would keep working for the moment, and let the $5000 monthly instalments accumulate in their bank account.

“This prize money will enable us to wind down our hours a bit though – it will be a bit like having a third household income.

“We feel so lucky to have won the top prize. My wife still can’t quite believe it’s true!”

The winning ticket was purchased from Norman Park Central News on Bennetts Road.

The new $3 Live the Life ticket has just been released in Golden Casket outlets.

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