$16.5 million Powerball winner will keep working!

Friday 16 November, 2012 - One of Victoria’s newest multi-millionaires said he won’t be giving up his job, despite winning $16.5 million in Powerball overnight!

“I can’t believe this,” the winner said to a Tatts official this afternoon upon hearing the amazing news.

“I’m always bragging to the blokes at work that I’ll win lotto one day!”

The father of three in his 50s said the money will be used wisely, but there are a few special things he’d like to buy.

“I’ll set my kids up for life with this money, pay off their mortgages and spoil the grandkids,” he said, making a mental list of what he can do with $16.5 million.

“Then I’ll buy a hot car. I’ve always wanted a Mustang, so that’s on the list!

“I’m going to look at how to invest some of the prize too; I want to grow old gracefully and comfortably. I’ve always supported charities as well so will donate some of the money there.”

Although he’s now a multi-millionaire, the man said he doesn’t plan on resting on his laurels.

“I won’t stop working just because I’ve won money. You’ve got to work to keep your mind and body active, even if you’re a millionaire,” he said, still adjusting to the title.

The man was one of two winners to share in the $30 million Powerball jackpot overnight, each taking home a first division prize of $15 million. But because the man had won using a PowerHit Powerball entry, he claimed prizes in other divisions as well.

“A PowerHit entry guarantees you the Powerball and like a System Entry, PowerHit gives you more chances to win multiple prize divisions,” Tatts Spokesperson Zoe Knobel explained.

“In this case, the man’s entry won a first division prize of $15 million along with 44 second division prizes which totalled an additional $1.57 million!”

The winning PowerHit entry was purchased from Mountainview Newsagency, 293A Springfield Road, Nunawading and the winner will claim a total prize of $16,579,472.40.

Another winning entry in last night’s draw was purchased from Beaconsfield Village Lotto in Beaconsfield.

The two division one winning entries in Powerball draw 861 on 15 November 2012 will each claim a $15 million first division prize.

The winning numbers in last night’s draw were 37, 24, 25, 16 and 8 and the Powerball was number 5.