Tatts.com Change Log

V 1.6

• Stability and bug fix release.

V 1.5

• Completed integration of NSW Lotteries to Tatts.com.

V 1.4

• Customers will now only be logged out if they have been inactive for 3 hours.

• Users now have the ability to update credit card expiry dates without deleting and re-adding card.

• Users will no longer get stuck on the previous round when using FootyTAB.

V 1.3

• Improvements to contact form ensure enquiries are forwarded to the best group based on the selected category.

• Quick Address integration (QAS) within the join-up form will suggest an address based on customer’s input, increasing the success rate of automated verification.

• Results overlay within Ticket History will now highlight drawn numbers on lottery tickets.

• Customers can now set their time zone in their preferences section. History will now show in the time zone specified by the customer in their preferences.

V 1.2.5

• "Yesterday’s Racing" link has been added to the racing menu.

• Clicking on “Today’s Racing” or “Tomorrow’s Racing” will take users to the racing grids.

• Sports are now listed alphabetically and there are fewer clicks to get to sub events.

• "Next 5 races" list will automatically update without needing a page refresh.

V 1.1 

• Initial public release.

V 1.0

• Test build (not released to public).

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